Work with Me

I unintentionally started my business in September of 2010. 

At the time I had been using the products and programs from my brand partner for many years. The month prior I had received a promotion at my regular corporate job; and then, my now up-line told me; I have been sharing the products like a brand ambassador and should consider upgrading my customer membership to ambassadorship. I didn’t have much to lose, it was a one time upgrade fee of like $50.

So… I upgraded, called myself a business owner, and waited for the money to pour in! That’s what I figured would happen. That’s what I was seeing in the online space…  When it didn’t, I didn’t really have the skill set to understand why and/or what I could do to change that. I spend mannny years foundering. Way more than I like to admit.

But then I realized two things...

1. I needed to create a simple and duplicatable system to share both the product and business opportunity for those who wanted it. 

2. I needed to build an audience of people who I poured into. Where I provided value with no expectation. 

These two things really were the missing link. If you've followed me you've probably seen my fitness or entertainment based videos. I genuinely enjoy making these. This is how I'm building a community of beautiful people that I don't put any expectations on. This is what allows me to have conversations daily, to get to know people, to cultivate relationships. This is the truly beautiful part of this business. 

Now, the brand partner I’ve chosen is unlike anything I’ve seen out there. And believe me, I’ve looked at a lot of companies over the 7ish years of feeling stuck with where I was... you know, when I had no f***ing clue what I was doing. 

When it comes to all of the things that make a company exceptional- they hit it all…

So, if you would like to learn more about Who, What, Where, When, and How, take my video tour by clicking this link. It’s completely free to look, and you never know, it might be exactly what you've been looking for. 

And if it's not, that okay too. I still love and appreciate you exactly as you are. 

As for myself now, I've never felt more clear, more confident, more inspired to be in business for myself. Once I figured out a system that worked. Doing what is needed to build a business, has never felt so manageable. 

xo @samanthajade723